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Turbo Tax 2010 Canadian

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 Turbo Tax 2010 Canadian Empty Turbo Tax 2010 Canadian

Post by BLACK Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:27 pm

Turbo Tax 2010 Canadian

Includes 20 returns

TurboTax 20 for the 2010 Tax Year
TurboTax (previously QuickTax) is the same easy-to-use software that you've come to know and trust.
The only thing that's changed is our name.

TurboTax 20 includes time-saving features - like online filing with NETFILE3 - to make it easier for you to meet the filing deadline without compromising the quality of your return.

TurboTax carries forward unused amounts & personal information from your 2009 return (filed with QuickTax, UFile or H&R Block desktop software), so you don't have to search your files for old tax forms or re-enter information.

It also lets you download your electronic tax receipts directly into your return and does the math for you - automatically; With guaranteed accurate calculations.

Maximize deductions for your whole family
With TurboTax 20, you can easily file up to 20 returns - and get step-by-step guidance along the way.

TurboTax 20 is designed to walk you through each return so that you can save on taxes - from writing off your home office to claiming child care.

With built-in expert guidance for personal & self-employment income, TurboTax 20 will help you get back your maximum refund or minimize the amount you owe.

TurboTax has helped people like you make sense of the complex world of taxes, prepare accurate returns... and find more deductions.

When you choose TurboTax, you get the experience, functionality & reliability that can only come from an established software provider dedicated to Canadians & the tax-paying public.

Accurate Guides, Step-By-Step To Your Maximum Refund.


Mapping icons
Know exactly what stage of your return you're in, and how far you need to go to finish

Set flags anywhere
Easily mark sections you need to revisit, so you can find them again later - without getting lost

Accuracy check
Double-checks your return for errors, helps you correct them and ensures every tax-saving opportunity has been found.

You can have confidence knowing your return is accurate
You'll know exactly when one section is complete and you're ready to start another.
You'll know exactly where you are in your return, and how far is left to go.
You're in control over how and when you prepare your return.

You can import your QuickBooks income and expense data directly into TurboTax 20.

By importing data from QuickBooks, you:
Enter less information than if you started from scratch
Lessen the room for errors
Save time while improving accuracy

Business Tax Made Simple
For Sole Proprietors, Unincorporated Businesses and Consultants & Contractors.

With step-by-step guidance, including the EasyStep Interview, TurboTax 20 helps you easily & confidently prepare personal, business or multiple tax returns.

The Business Expert Interview highlights possible self-employment deductions - like your vehicle, supplies and utilities - as you answer plain-language questions.

Business taxes don't have to be hard.

TurboTax 20 includes tools designed to help maximize the tax benefits of your RRSPs, mutual funds and other investments:

Capital Gains Analyzer:
Calculates capital gains and losses for you and optimizes claiming them on your return.

RRSP Optimizer:
See how different RRSP contribution amounts affect your refund or tax owing.

Stock Tracker:
Get a clear understanding of how your stock's performance affects your taxes.
You can confidently complete even the most complex personal tax return.

With TurboTax 20, you can find deductions you may not even have known you were entitled to, which means less money owed or a better refund.

Should You Split Your CPP Income?

CPP Sharing Optimizer:
TurboTax 20 features the CPP Sharing Optimizer, a handy and helpful tool which will help you decide if splitting your Canada Pension Plan income with your spouse will be beneficial for you both.

Rental Property Guidance:
Make the most out of your rental income by claiming every possible expense in multiple tax returns.

TurboTax 20 provides extra guidance for rental property income, helping you determine eligible expenses and providing tips for refinancing.


The Deduction Toolbox:
With Powerful Tools to Help You Get Back Every Penny You Deserve.
There are literally 100s of tax credits available for Canadian small business owners.
You've probably heard about a few of them... but don't have enough time to go searching for all of them.

Don't overlook any of the deductions you're entitled to.
We provide a built in A to Z list of possible deductions, including definitions, so you won't have to do any guesswork.
When we find a deduction you do qualify for, we'll walk you through exactly what you'll need in order to claim it.

We find the deductions... and you get the refund.

Optimize Your RRSP Contributions:
See how different RRSP contribution amounts affect your refund or tax owing with TurboTax's RRSP Optimizer tool.
It helps you determine the optimum RRSP contribution amount for you and your spouse.

Then, you can contribute to your RRSP accordingly...and make the most out of your money.

TurboTax Handles Changes in Your Life:
Maybe you graduated university and got a job. Maybe you got married or started an RRSP.
Much of what changes in your life can impact where you stand as a Canadian taxpayer.
TurboTax helps you make sense of it all by asking "real life" questions that translate to fields in your tax forms.

TurboTax Personal Tax Profile asks you simple questions about your life.
As you answer, TurboTax determines what tax slips and receipts you have to enter, and automatically applies the credits and deductions you qualify for.

Carry Forward Last Year's Tax Data
(Including UFile or H&R Block Desktop Software.)
Save time entering data by automatically updating your current year's return with personal information & carry over amounts from last year's QuickTax return

You cut down on human error when you automatically update, so accuracy is ensured.

You can import from:
QuickTax desktop software for the 2009 tax year
UFile desktop software for the 2009 tax year
H&R Block desktop software for the 2009 tax year
That means if you used a different software program (or QuickTax) last year, you can still use TurboTax and reap the benefits without re-entering data.

Split Your Pension Income to Reap the Tax Benefits
Reduce your taxes by splitting pension income with your spouse or common-law partner.

Whether you have corporate pension plan income or income from a Canada Pension Plan, we'll guide you through how to distribute that income for best results.
The Pension Income Splitting Optimizer will automatically propose the best distribution of your pension income (up to one half), which can help you & your partner pay less in taxes.

TurboTax Reviews Your Return Before You File
All you should be concerned with is entering your information.
TurboTax double-checks your return and makes sure everything is in order.

TurboTax reviews your return before you file by:
Reviewing your return for errors before you file.
Looking for missed deductions that you may qualify for.
Pointing out money-saving opportunities you should take advantage of.
Helping you get the biggest refund you deserve.

File Online
Get Your Refund in as Little as 8 Days.
When you've completed your simple tax return choose to file with NETFILE instead of printing out your forms and mailing them in to the CRA.

To NETFILE, you'll just need an Internet connection and the online filing code the CRA provided on your 2010 T1 personal income tax return package (along with your 2009 Notice of Assessment).

TurboTax Automated Tax Return
Ever wish you could do your taxes in just a few clicks?
With the TurboTax Automated Tax Return, it's almost that easy.

First, TurboTax imports your electronic tax slips from the website of your payroll and/or RRSP provider - or your inbox.
Then it automatically enters the right data on the right tax forms.
You simply check over your return... and your taxes are done.
Manual data entry is nearly eliminated.

Current TurboTax Partners include:

 Turbo Tax 2010 Canadian 83-1

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 Turbo Tax 2010 Canadian Fileserve2Bpremium2Baccount


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